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Energy Modeling (2013)

IIEE has improved Indonesian Integrated Energy and Environmental Modeling (IIEEM), Funded by JICA

Study on Non-Geological Constraints to Unconventional Gas Production (2013-2014))

IIEE works with Energy Study Institute(ESI)-National University of Singapore to carry out a study of the non-geological constraints to the production of coal-bed methane in Indonesia.

Study on Inventory of Electricity Subsidies in Indonesia (2013)

This study provides an inventory of electricity subsidies in Indonesia as a part of Asian Development Bank’s study on Assessment and Implications of Rationalizing Fossil Fuel Subsidies. IIEE in collaboration with International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) conducted this study. The definition of subsidies used in this study is based on Article 1 of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (ASCM). This study also applies the subsidy definition as mentioned above and carries out check-list of electricity subsidies from 2005-2012 in accordance with the template that has been developed by Global Subsidy Initiative (GSI)-International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

Study on Geothermal

IIEE prepared a report entitled “The issues on Promotion and Development of Geothermal in Indonesia” The report submitted to IEEJ and has been presented at workshop on geothermal in Bandung, West Java.

Energy Efficiency Policy Research

IIEE is currently involved in researching measures to promote energy efficiency in the building and industry sectors in Indonesia, with a special focus on incentive systems. IIEE also runs programs to help government officials understand energy issues by holding training sessions and discussion forums.

Studies on Renewable Energy Development Policy

Over the past five years, a lot of time at IIEE has been spent studying renewable energy development and the respective implementation process. Most recently, a review of the policies was written as well as a regulatory framwork for the Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED) program of USAID. There was also a study done about possible on-grid biomass as a power supply for electricity projects in the renewable energy sector.

Three US Students from Santa Clara University Intern at IIEE

Liz Wassmann, Rachel Reid and Andrew Noonan began their internship in June 2012. The Santa Clara University, USA, students will work to understand energy efficiency and help develop the pico-hydro project.

Energy Subsidy Reform in Indonesia (2011-now)

In collaboration with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Global Subsidy Initiatives (GSI), IIEE has been studying fuel study reform and how to implement it. Research methods include desk research, surveys of fuel consumers, interviews with authorities, and workshops. Go to this link to read the study report: http://www.iisd.org/gsi/fuel-subsidies-indonesia-action-plan-reform

Energy for All (2011)

This study examined how the poor in Indonesia interacted with energy. Starting with an overview of electricity access and other forms of energy, the study continues by highlighting programs from the central and local governments, NGO initiatives, and support from other international organizations. Special attention was given to disadvantaged regions and areas with poor basic infrastructure.

Study on Estimating the Cost of Biofuels based on Decentralized Power Generation in Rural Indonesia, 2009-2010

This collaborative research study, conducted by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES-Japan) and IIEE, examines the overall sustainability of existing first generation (biomass feedstock based) biofuels, and considers the sustainability of existing promotion policies. The conclusion of the study will be a list of policy recommendations including measures for national governments.

  Development of Biomass Energy in Munduk, Bali 

The proposed project site using small scale biomass technology is Limpah sub-village in Munduk village. The population size is 609 people, which most of the adults are farmers with limited formal education. They trade raw commodities due to limited means in terms of money, knowledge, technology, equipment and energy to process the products they harvested. Every year the area produces about 300.000 tons of rice, among other agricultural commodities. This amount of rice crop produces 75 tons of hay that is potential raw material for biomass energy.

- Providing access and good quality power supply for residents in remote areas.
- Utilizing locally produced waste as an energy source for electricity generation.
- Increasing the role of local NGOs to assist and coach the community.
- Increasing the capacity of local communities to manage the technical and economic aspects of their electrical system to be sustainable
- Creating an economic activity of society through the productive use of electricity


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  Study on Non-Geological Constraints to Unconventional Gas Production (On going research) 

IIEE works with Energy Study Institute(ESI)-National University of Singapore to carry out a study of the non-geological constraints to the production of coal-bed methane in Indonesia.

source: Ecos Consulting



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